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Troy Brown Quotes

As far as natural ability, I was always athletic.
Troy Brown
Far, Ability, Natural

I’m not one who’s big on accolades and all those things. I did my job and I’m proud of what I did and how I did it.
Troy Brown
Job, Proud, Accolades

It’s football season; anything can happen.
Troy Brown
Happen, Football, Season

We just kept hanging in and fighting.
Troy Brown
Fighting, Kept, Hanging

When it comes down to it, I always played hard for my teammates and I played hard for my coaches no matter who it was, ownership.
Troy Brown
Matter, Played, Teammates

I could jump, I was quick, I could catch and all those types of things, but when it came to just flat out speed, that’s something I had to work really hard at.
Troy Brown
Work, Came, Catch

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