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Tom Brokaw Quotes

You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.
Tom Brokaw
Graduation, Life, Change

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.
Tom Brokaw
Business, Easy, Difference

It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced.
Tom Brokaw
Society, Greatest, Generation

It’s all storytelling, you know. That’s what journalism is all about.
Tom Brokaw

If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church.
Tom Brokaw
Religion, High, Church

I’m not going to sit on the porch of the old anchorman’s home with a drool cup.
Tom Brokaw
Home, Old, Sit

Speaking generally, people who are drawn to journalism are interested in what happens from the ground up less than they are from the top down.
Tom Brokaw
Less, Happens, Interested

Don’t overstate Fox News. It’s still much smaller than the least of the network niches.
Tom Brokaw
News, Network, Fox

TV is a fickle business. I’m only good for the length of my contract.
Tom Brokaw
Good, Business, Tv

The response to ‘The Greatest Generation’ and the books that followed has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.
Tom Brokaw
Life, Greatest, Books

Cable penetrates 70 percent of American audiences now.
Tom Brokaw
Percent, Audiences, Cable

Peter is an old friend. I’m heartbroken, but he’s also a tough guy. I’m counting on him getting through this very difficult passage.
Tom Brokaw
Old, Friend, Getting

Peter will have a place in this brotherhood forever.
Tom Brokaw
Forever, Peter

Peter, of the three of us, was our prince. He seemed so timeless. He had such elan and style.
Tom Brokaw
Three, Style, Prince

What I think is that Fox has done a very smart job of carving out their place.
Tom Brokaw
Job, Smart, Fox

In Los Angeles, I had the good fortune of anchoring the news right before Johnny Carson came on, so to see him, the Hollywood stars watched me first.
Tom Brokaw
Good, Stars, Hollywood

Judy Miller is the most innocent person in this case. I really thought that was outrageous that she was jailed and we needed as journalists to draw a line in the sand in a strong but thoughtful way.
Tom Brokaw
Strong, She, Line

What I think is highly inappropriate is what’s going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad against Dan Rather and CBS News that’s quite outrageous.
Tom Brokaw
Rather, Political, Against

What we have to do is put this in a coherent form for them at the end of the day, and on the big events, give them the kind of context that they deserve.
Tom Brokaw
End, Deserve, Events

While attendance at traditional churches has been declining for decades… the evangelical movement is growing, and it is changing the way America worships.
Tom Brokaw
America, While, Growing

David Brinkley was an icon of modern broadcast journalism, a brilliant writer who could say in a few words what the country needed to hear during times of crisis, tragedy and triumph.
Tom Brokaw
Crisis, Words, Times

I think they are paying a lot more attention to news now, by the way, in part because of national-security issues. A lot of young people have friends or family in the military today.
Tom Brokaw
Family, Today, Friends

Our obligation at the network is where do we fit into that and how can we best capitalize on that to make sure that our piece of that remains important to those young people.
Tom Brokaw
Best, Young, Sure

I had this unusual mix of curiosity, the ability to write in ways people understood, and when I appeared, viewers seemed to trust me to get them through some cataclysmic changes.
Tom Brokaw
Trust, Ability, Ways

I think people of my generation became journalists – you know, right after the broadcast pioneer fathers – because we wanted to report the big stories.
Tom Brokaw
Generation, Stories, Became

I was unknown because I came to Washington from the West. I started covering Watergate. Immodestly, I’d say I did it pretty well, in part because it was hard to go wrong.
Tom Brokaw
Wrong, Pretty, Started

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