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Susan Bysiewicz Quotes

One of the things I was hoping to do in the Secretary of the State’s Office when I came was to provide businesses with more information about business opportunities in Connecticut. That’s both to businesses that are here already and also to businesses that are not located here, but might be interested in coming.
Susan Bysiewicz
Business, Here, Both

There are two chief responsibilities of the Secretary’s office. One is to run the elections in the State of Connecticut to make sure they run fairly and efficiently because the Secretary is the chief election official. The Secretary of the State is also the chief business registrar for the State of Connecticut.
Susan Bysiewicz
Business, Sure, State

I have a lot of sympathy with the ideas and frustration of the Occupy movement. I absolutely agree with the sense that Wall Street has brought an economic calamity to the middle class and that no one has been held accountable.
Susan Bysiewicz
Sympathy, Sense, Ideas

If you’re a man and you are confident and you are ambitious and strong, then you are a statesman and a leader. If you are a woman and you have those qualities, well, they have a not-so-flattering term for that.
Susan Bysiewicz
Woman, Strong, Leader

I was brought up on a farm, and I’ve learned that every opportunity that I’ve had in my life has come from hard work and persistence.
Susan Bysiewicz
Life, Work, Learned

Registering people to vote is not partisan activity.
Susan Bysiewicz
Vote, Activity, Partisan

Trade on the Internet is becoming very widespread. The problem is our laws have not caught up with electronic commerce.
Susan Bysiewicz
Problem, Internet, Laws

We have a great location between Boston and New York, a highly educated work force, and Connecticut is a beautiful place to live.
Susan Bysiewicz
Work, Great, Beautiful

I applaud President Obama’s decision to begin a partial withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Afghanistan. However, I believe that we must go further and have a full withdrawal of all U.S. combat troops.
Susan Bysiewicz
Decision, President, Full

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