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Rodger Berman Quotes

Rodger Berman Quotes:

I think it’s entirely possible to have a career in fashion and raise a child. Stella McCartney is on her fourth child and remains both a fashion icon and a great mom.
Rodger Berman
Great, Mom, Career

Fatherhood is everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s an unbelievable experience.
Rodger Berman
Experience, Fatherhood

For a heterosexual man – I know that’s a hotly debated topic, but only among those who don’t know me – I have grown to really appreciate fashion.
Rodger Berman
Fashion, Appreciate, Among

When it comes to Fashion Week, I’m over the too-cool-for-school runway experience with loud music in a raw space that’s inconvenient for everyone.
Rodger Berman
Music, Experience, Fashion

While being the husband of uberstylist Rachel Zoe lets me waltz confidently into fashion shows with Rachel by my side, the VIP treatment usually stops there.
Rodger Berman
Husband, Fashion, While

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