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Pat Burns Quotes

They’re trying to kill me before I’m dead. I come to Quebec to spend some time with my family and they say I’m dead.
Pat Burns
Time, Family, Trying

I got hit with an octopus in Detroit one time. It was the most gross thing I’ve ever had happen. I got it right in the back of the neck; all the juice was coming down. It was awful.
Pat Burns
Time, Happen, Coming

Toronto was a great place to work, a fun place to work. People were so hockey-oriented, hockey-minded, without being too critical. In Montreal, they got downright nasty sometimes.
Pat Burns
Work, Great, Fun

Coming to another hockey Mecca like Toronto makes you a better coach. I want to have fun again. I want to make it fun for everybody, and it’s fun when you win.
Pat Burns
Fun, Another, Makes

As for my career, I always said to my kids, ‘you don’t cry because it’s over, you’re happy because it happened.’
Pat Burns
Happy, Said, Kids

Coaching the Bruins is like going bear hunting with a butter knife.
Pat Burns
Bear, Hunting, Coaching

Excuse my voice – I don’t have the thundering voice I used to have to get players going on the ice anymore.
Pat Burns
Used, Voice, Anymore

I believe in Wendel Clark. We want Wendel to be a prime-time player.
Pat Burns
Player, Clark

I know my life is nearing its end and I accept that.
Pat Burns
Life, End, Accept

I’m not an overly happy person. There are times when I’m happy, and that’s usually in my private life.
Pat Burns
Life, Happy, Times

The kids get cheated out of a lot of times with their dad. They were good about it.
Pat Burns
Good, Dad, Times

If one of my players ever wants to hit me, he better do it really hard because otherwise, I’ll find a rock, a stick, or a piece of wood – and believe me, it’s gonna be a brawl.
Pat Burns
Rock, Wants, Hit

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