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Michael Owen Bruce Quotes

I do like to write but I also like to get and out and play. I am losing track of all the Cooper versions that I do – I have one for Iceland, different one over here.
Michael Owen Bruce
Here, Losing, Track

I’ve got them in the can and I am looking for a label.
Michael Owen Bruce
Looking, Label

It started twelve and went on until twelve. I never had to buy a drink all day!
Michael Owen Bruce
Until, Started, Drink

It’s a gamble. A band like Kiss, a lot of those are our audience but we don’t do as much make-up. Alice would have more to lose if we got back together.
Michael Owen Bruce
Together, Lose, Audience

Towards the end it got really rough. I take my hat of to Alice, he’s still doing it. This is probably more work than going on the road for 2-3 months. I wish I was 25 again!
Michael Owen Bruce
Work, End, Again

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