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Meredith Brooks Quotes

The most spiritual place you can be in your life is when you’re being very real, when you’re not allowing everybody and everything to influence your decisions and your moods, and what’s morally right or ethically right.
Meredith Brooks
Life, Spiritual, Everybody

Every emotion that I had over the last three years pretty much had to be put on hold.
Meredith Brooks
Pretty, Last, Three

I believe you can remember the future as much as the past.
Meredith Brooks
Future, Past, Remember

I obsess too much.
Meredith Brooks

My parents always saw me as an artist, and that greatly influenced me.
Meredith Brooks
Parents, Artist, Saw

I was either going onstage or going into an interview or getting on a plane. You can’t really feel everything fully when you don’t have the time to process.
Meredith Brooks
Time, Getting, Either

I was looking at the setlist backstage and I just said, ‘Oh my God, the first six songs nobody’s gonna know.’ But they all knew the lyrics. It just blew me away.
Meredith Brooks
God, Away, Said

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