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Melanie Brown Quotes

I would love to have twins. I think there’s something nice about having two babies, and they’re there for each other their whole entire life.
Melanie Brown
Life, Love, Nice

Love me or hate me, Scary Spice is back.
Melanie Brown
Love, Hate, Scary

Look, everything that you experience as a kid is the foundation of how you are today. I was brought up in a working class family in Leeds and when it comes to money both my parents worked hard and instilled the same attitude into me.
Melanie Brown
Experience, Family, Money

I’m always down for a Spice Girls reunion. I love the Scary hair and platforms. Any time of day or night I’ll be there.
Melanie Brown
Love, Time, Girl

I’m overly excited to finally announce this amazing global partnership deal back home with EMI Music. I know I have mentioned doing music in the past but for legal reasons I was not in a position to release any new music.
Melanie Brown
Music, Home, Amazing

I’m well-travelled so I can see places coming up. I went to St. Croix in the West Indies at Christmas and it had been hit by a really bad tornado. Values there have gone down but I guarantee they will be up again in eight years. So I’ll get in now while it’s cheap as chips.
Melanie Brown
Christmas, Bad, While

Sometimes I can be tactful and sometimes not. It all depends on the mood I’m in.
Melanie Brown
Mood, Depends, Tactful

I’ve always said that kids should enhance your life, not hinder your life, so I just try to make the most out of being with my kids. You have to have a life for yourself somewhere in the mix of being a wife and mum.
Melanie Brown
Life, Yourself, Said

Hopefully, next year if we can get everything sorted out and together.
Melanie Brown
Together, Year, Next

I know about investment. It’s really obvious – you buy property, let it sit for a couple of years and then sell it and reinvest.
Melanie Brown
Sit, Buy, Investment

I live my life on self-belief and I live it partly on going with the flow.
Melanie Brown
Life, Flow, Partly

I live on my gut instinct.
Melanie Brown
Instinct, Gut

If my senses don’t feel right then I don’t do it.
Melanie Brown

The way that I live my life is on spontaneity.
Melanie Brown

I collect art. I just recently bought two gorgeous photographs of Marilyn Monroe by international photographer Eve Arnold and I know it sounds horrible but when she dies all her pictures are going to be worth triple. But I won’t tell you how much I got them for – let’s just say it was a lot.
Melanie Brown
Art, Tell, She

Whether I was dancing around the house with headphones on or on stage with the Spice Girls… I learned firsthand that dancing was the key to shedding off the pounds and keeping them off.
Melanie Brown
Girl, Learned, Whether

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