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Manu Bennett Quotes

Manu Bennett Quotes:

Anyone can train to be a gladiator. What marks you out is having the mindset of a champion.
Manu Bennett
Champion, Anyone, Mindset

Food is the essential thing to gaining weight. Protein, you know, that’s basically it – protein.
Manu Bennett
Food, Essential, Weight

I was a breakdancer as a kid. I was on one of the top break dancing teams in Australia.
Manu Bennett
Break, Dancing, Kid

I’ve always been really inspired by watching top athletes putting in peak performances.
Manu Bennett
Inspired, Top, Watching

If I see someone doing a new sport, I usually like to throw myself into it, and I never look at it and think, ‘That’s something I can’t do.’
Manu Bennett
Sports, Throw

The best physique I ever had was when I was ballet dancing.
Manu Bennett
Best, Dancing, Ballet

The fitness builds the foundation for me as an actor to have clarity. Fitness has always been the base of where I start off as a performer.
Manu Bennett
Fitness, Start, Off

The world is slowly evolving into a place where the things that we have seen as being taboo are starting to open up a bit more.
Manu Bennett
Place, Seen, Open

To me, Darth Vader is the epitome of evil.
Manu Bennett
Evil, Epitome, Vader

I lost my mother and my brother when I was 15 in two separate car accidents. I was doing well at school. I was a good sportsperson, but at that point, I gave up on all of those things that were there to be done. I couldn’t deal with them.
Manu Bennett
Good, Car, Mother

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