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Lee Byung-hun Quotes

Lee Byung-hun Quotes:

I lead a very active lifestyle. When I am not working, I enjoy snowboarding in winter. I golf and swim in the summer months. However, trying to find the time to exercise when I am traveling is quite a challenge. I find myself working out at hotel gyms quite regularly – just so that I can keep up with my training.”
-Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Time, Keep, Trying

“Having – and keeping to – a regular exercise routine is crucial. And forget about those extreme diets – they aren’t healthy.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Forget, Healthy, Having

“For ‘The Rise of Cobra,’ I was dieting more and using protein powder to help supplement my meals. For ‘Retaliation,’ however, I opted for more natural protein. I had a chicken breast and broccoli meal about five times every day. I also drank plenty of water and made sure I got enough rest.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Enough, Help, Times

“Hollywood has a longer pre-production period and they juggle shooting schedules more carefully for each cast. In Korea, we shoot day and night without much break.”
 – Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Night, Each, Longer

“The more I act, the harder it gets, since I feel like I still have so much to learn. Whenever I embark on a new project, it always feels like the first time. If it were easy to me and I felt like I knew everything, my acting might have been different. I think the feeling of ‘newness’ keeps me on my toes and concentrated.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Time, Learn, Feeling

“Actors always want to play the villain role at least once in their life.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Life, Once, Role

“In Korea, I do different kinds of genres. So, like that, I would like to do a lot of good acting films.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Good, Acting, Films

“Just like other ordinary people, I want to have a happy family.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Family, Happy, Ordinary

“G.I. Joe is not shown in Korea at all, basically, so a lot of people didn’t know about G.I. Joe and I also didn’t have the information about G.I. Joe.”
– Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Basically, Shown, Korea

“I had no idea what it took to be an actor. Then all of a sudden I found myself cast in a TV drama. The director was very harsh with me. One time, he told me this would be my first and last acting job. I seriously thought that acting was not the right career for me.”
 -Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Time, Job, Idea

“Whenever I open a movie, I go secretly to the theater and stand in the back and enjoy the moment. I laugh when people laugh, and when people cry, I laugh.”
 – Lee Byung-hun
Topics: Moment, Enjoy, Laugh


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