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Josh Brolin Quotes

I have to tell you, you can’t have an ego when you’re an actor. A lot of actors have them, but in reality most of those people are just sensitive artists dying for a hug and a compliment.
Josh Brolin
Tell, Reality, Ego

The last really expensive trip we took was so uncomfortable. It’s so lazy. I want somebody to give me a great $30 massage as opposed to a bad $265 massage.
Josh Brolin
Great, Bad, Last

I remember at the premiere of my second movie I started crying. I thought, I’m so bad that I either have to stop this and do something else or learn what I’m doing.
Josh Brolin
Bad, Remember, Learn

I covered my face because they had taken my wisdom teeth out.
Josh Brolin
Wisdom, Face, Taken

I gotta make money – it all tends to disappear in this field.
Josh Brolin
Money, Field, Gotta

I have a long way to catch up. I have to start with the pros this year, about 20 seconds back.
Josh Brolin
Start, Year, Catch

I love the competitive part of stocks. A lot of fear and greed, that’s all it is. All I see is green and red.
Josh Brolin
Love, Fear, Greed

I was invited to a couple of races, but I was doing a play in New York.
Josh Brolin
York, Couple, Races

I’m really, really lucky. I was given my dad’s good genes.
Josh Brolin
Good, Dad, Lucky

I’m very happy to be involved with great filmmakers.
Josh Brolin
Great, Happy, Involved

It takes me 10 minutes to get ready to go out, and that includes the shower.
Josh Brolin
Takes, Ready, Minutes

Suddenly, I’m in movies that people are excited about, and that is a nice change.
Josh Brolin
Change, Movies, Nice

To complain now would be kind of sad. I like the way things are going.
Josh Brolin
Sad, Complain

Football? Forget it. I didn’t have that thing inside me where I wanted to smash against somebody and watch them break. I was too sensitive for that and disliked being that sensitive.
Josh Brolin
Against, Forget, Football

I got picked on a lot. I was a complete geek in school. I had braces. I didn’t have the hot girlfriend. I wasn’t ever sought after. I was a stocky, awkward kid who got laughed off the tennis court when I tried that.
Josh Brolin
Kid, Tried, Girlfriend

You have to be okay with wins and losses. You can’t just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can’t buy more and more because you’re sure it’s going to bounce. We call that revenge trading.
Josh Brolin
Happen, Looking, Sure

It’s probably a bit of a power trip when you befriend somebody enough that they trust you to tell you things.
Josh Brolin
Trust, Power, Enough

George W. Bush brought a lot of minorities into his administration, which was a positive thing, and they had some issues that they wanted to press, but 9/11 really gave them direction. It gave them a purpose.
Josh Brolin
Positive, Purpose, Direction

I only took a high school acting class because there was no other class I wanted to take. I loved it, but I was always against acting as a profession. I didn’t like the monetary fluctuations I saw.
Josh Brolin
Against, High, Acting

I used to go to Vegas and play the horses, and then I realised how ridiculous that was. There is no winning in gambling, but there is on the stock market.
Josh Brolin
Used, Winning, Market

Look, I’m going to take full advantage of this situation just because I love working with great filmmakers. But I’ve been around for a while, and I’m not going to play into the hype that I’m some great, you know, discovery.
Josh Brolin
Love, Great, Working

The only way change will ever happen is if we speak up, and we have to know that it actually has an impact. Because we have a lot more power than we think we do, I think.
Josh Brolin
Change, Power, Happen

‘W.’ is not necessarily a political film, but it was sort of a contrasting reality for me to get into George W. Bush as a character because of how I felt about his administration before I started making the film.
Josh Brolin
Character, Political, Reality

I’ve been given an amazing opportunity and I could not be more grateful. But I also know that all this will eventually die off. It’s not real. It will go away and then you’ll go away and then, I don’t know, I’ll be left sitting in some English hotel room.
Josh Brolin
Amazing, Away, Die

The next couple of jobs will determine, at least from a business point of view, if I’m a guy who’s actually the real thing or I’m a guy who’s had a nice moment.
Josh Brolin
Business, Nice, Moment

When I was in jail I could only think about what the average person has to go through – the person who has no power to go to the press or no money to hire a lawyer.
Josh Brolin

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