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Jonathan Bennett Quotes

Jonathan Bennett Quotes:

I can talk to anybody but when it comes to somebody that I like, then I turn into like this five-year-old kindergartener in a sandbox.
Jonathan Bennett
Talk, Somebody, Turn

I think the qualities I look for in a girl I’d like to be my girlfriend would be the way Lindsay’s character is before she becomes a plastic. Very real.
Jonathan Bennett
Character, Girl, Girlfriend

Girls aren’t mean to guys in high school. They are mean to each other. Girls were never mean to me.
Jonathan Bennett
School, Girl, Mean

Guys aren’t threatening. Other girls are the competition. You are usually what they’re fighting over.
Jonathan Bennett
Girl, Fighting, Guys

I still have horrible luck with girls.
Jonathan Bennett
Girl, Luck, Horrible

My first three years of high school, I wasn’t that cool.
Jonathan Bennett
Cool, School, High

Guys just don’t care. We don’t take the time to plan behind each other’s back. We just say, If you don’t like me, screw you’. If a guy doesn’t like you, you know because you have a black eye.
Jonathan Bennett
Time, Care, Black

Lohan and I talk about just things that happen. It’s Lindsay. She’s great. I went from not knowing who she was to not being able to get rid of her because she’s everywhere. She’s on everything.
Jonathan Bennett
Great, Happen, Talk

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