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Jenson Button Quotes

To understand the intensity of driving an F1 car, you have to be in it. When you’re driving a 750hp machine at 200mph, the noise and the vibrations are incredible. The G-force when you take big corners is like someone trying to rip your head off. You hit the brakes, and it feels as if the skin is being pulled off your body.
Jenson Button
Car, Trying, Understand

When I’m on my own, I can be negative. I need my friends and family around to help pick me up if I’ve had a bad qualifying session. I think insecurity plagues a lot of sportspeople.
Jenson Button
Family, Bad, Help

To drive an F1 car you have to be a little mad. On the morning of a race there’s a mix of excitement and fear. If it’s a wet track, then it’s worse as you’re not in control most of the time, which is the thing all drivers fear the most.
Jenson Button
Time, Morning, Fear

I felt confident at 24, but I am a better driver now.
Jenson Button
Felt, Confident, Driver

When I do retire, I know for a fact that I’ll never be able to replace the incredible feeling I get when I’m driving an F1 car.
Jenson Button
Car, Able, Feeling

We all drive differently and have different styles. For me I need a car I can develop beneath me and feel comfortable in. If the car feels neutral and unbalanced it doesn’t work for me.
Jenson Button
Work, Car, Drive

I always think I should try to get to bed early, but then I can’t stop myself from watching telly and fiddling around on the net.
Jenson Button
Stop, Early, Bed

I haven’t got the yacht any more. The cost of running it was crazy. But it was so much fun while I had it. I don’t regret it.
Jenson Button
Crazy, Fun, While

I love the role of being the experienced driver and that is definitely the case next year – I think I am the most experienced guy in F1 next year.
Jenson Button
Love, Year, Next

The only time I think about life beyond F1 is when I contemplate becoming a dad. But there’s no way that’s going to happen while I’m still racing. To be successful in F1 you need to be very selfish in lots of ways and you’re away from home for long periods. That’s not the kind of father I want to be.
Jenson Button
Life, Time, Home

When I was in Japan with my girlfriend Jessica, she would have had acupuncture every day if she could. I can just about stomach going to a chiropractor and I visited a talented one when I was there, but when he tried a needle on me, it was horrible. My muscles tightened and it didn’t work at all.
Jenson Button
Work, She, Tried

A lot of people think Formula One isn’t a sport because everyone drives a car when they go to work in the morning. But we’re pulling up to six G on a corner or during breaking, which is almost like being a fighter pilot. So we have to do a lot of work on our neck muscles.
Jenson Button
Work, Morning, Sports

I don’t purposely speed, but I might go over by five or six miles an hour from time to time. It doesn’t give me a buzz driving on normal roads, because I can’t go fast enough. It’s never going to be anything like an F1 car.
Jenson Button
Time, Car, Enough

If I run I lose so much weight, which I need because you’re limited on weight when you are a tall driver. And have you seen marathon runners? They’re quite skinny.
Jenson Button
Lose, Run, Seen

My school reports always used to point out that my concentration levels were appalling. I never listened in class because I was always daydreaming about racing. I never thought for a moment about doing anything else. There was no guarantee that I’d make a career in it but I never had any plan B.
Jenson Button
Used, Moment, Career

I love cycling, running and swimming. In recent years I’ve competed regularly in triathlons, which means I don’t find the physical side of driving a struggle any more.
Jenson Button
Love, Means, Struggle

Resting for me is fitness training.
Jenson Button
Fitness, Training, Resting

I think fans of the sport have a good understanding now of how fit Formula One drivers need to be.
Jenson Button
Good, Sports, Fans

In my hometown there is a pub named after me – The Frome Flyer on Jenson Avenue. How cool is that?!
Jenson Button
Cool, Hometown, Named

‘Le Mans’ is the only racing movie that is totally realistic.
Jenson Button
Movie, Racing, Totally

I always sleep really well, particularly before a race, when the adrenaline’s pumping.
Jenson Button
Sleep, Race, Adrenaline

I have made lots of mistakes in terms of contracts and spending money when I shouldn’t have spent money.
Jenson Button
Money, Mistakes, Terms

I like old tunes when I’m driving. They’re fun and uplifting. Billy Ocean, that kind of thing.
Jenson Button
Fun, Old, Ocean

If I ever have a son, and if he wants to follow in my footsteps in Formula 1, my main responsibility will be to point out some of the negatives.
Jenson Button
Point, Son, Wants

It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got, or how many connections, there’s always something you want that’s out of reach.
Jenson Button
Money, Matter, Reach

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