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Jake Busey Quotes

I have a band called Sons of the Lawless.
Jake Busey
Band, Sons, Lawless

I don’t have a favorite role because there’s been so many films that I’ve done that I’ve really enjoyed.
Jake Busey
Films, Role, Favorite

I go on at least 2-3 auditions a week in the pursuit of more work. So I’m constantly working on material and constantly honing and trying to perfect a craft that is never perfectible – it’s always new, and it’s always different. It’s always a work in progress.
Jake Busey
Work, Trying, Working

Oh, my father’s had a huge, immense impact on my career. I grew up on movie sets that he was working on, and it just become a part or was a part, was the only part of my life because I spent my whole childhood traveling and being on film sets.
Jake Busey
Life, Father, Whole

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