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Harold Budd Quotes

But that’s fine, because I like to have control of the ambience.
Harold Budd
Control, Fine, Ambience

I felt Brighton was a perfect ending to a really interesting career.
Harold Budd
Career, Perfect, Felt

I had to get out of America to get a professional life going where I could actually make a living.
Harold Budd
Life, Living, America

I’m not really a pianist.
Harold Budd

I’m somebody who plays the piano… sometimes.
Harold Budd
Somebody, Piano, Plays

When a piece is done, I mix it before going on to any other piece.
Harold Budd
Piece, Mix

Sometimes I write them down in musical notation as a trigger to remind me about certain directions to go. Or I can be specific about a sound I’m looking for.
Harold Budd
Looking, Certain, Sound

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