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Erik Brynjolfsson Quotes

Some people think it’s a law that when productivity goes up, everybody benefits. There is no economic law that says technological progress has to benefit everybody or even most people. It’s possible that productivity can go up and the economic pie gets bigger, but the majority of people don’t share in that gain.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Law, Everybody, Possible

Technology is always creating jobs. It’s always destroying jobs.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Technology, Jobs, Creating

The heart of science is measurement.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Science, Heart

When I first started doing work on how the Internet is affecting commerce, like a lot of people, I was really excited by this nearly perfect market.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Work, Perfect, Started

There are lots of examples of routine, middle-skilled jobs that involve relatively structured tasks, and those are the jobs that are being eliminated the fastest. Those kinds of jobs are easier for our friends in the artificial intelligence community to design robots to handle them. They could be software robots; they could be physical robots.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Design, Friends, Community

Electricity is an example of a general purpose technology, like the steam engine before it. General purpose technologies drive most economic growth, because they unleash cascades of complementary innovations, like lightbulbs and, yes, factory redesign.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Technology, Purpose, Growth

Retailing has gone from an information-scarce to an information-rich environment.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Gone, Retailing

Computers get better faster than anything else ever.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Computers, Faster

G.D.P. is not a measure of how much value is produced for consumers. Everybody should recognize that G.D.P. is not a welfare metric.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Everybody, Value, Measure

Technology is not destiny.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Technology, Destiny

The kind of job where you come in and work 9 to 5, and where someone tells you what to do all day is becoming scarcer and scarcer.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Work, Job, Becoming

Knowing how to keep someone motivated and how to keep a connection are skills humans have learned and evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. A robot can’t figure out whether you can do one more push-up, or how to motivate you to actually do it.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Keep, Learned, Actually

Technology has made it easier for different firms to coordinate their activities with one another, and they don’t have to be part of one company. They can get the benefits of scale without the inertia of scale.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Technology, Another, Company

The kind of job where you have to hustle and hustle and where you’re not sure whether you will have enough clients next month, where you have less job security, is becoming much more common.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Enough, Job, Less

We’re rapidly entering a world where everything can be monitored and measured. But the big problem is going to be the ability of humans to use, analyze and make sense of the data.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Sense, Problem, Ability

When goods are digital, they can be replicated with perfect quality at nearly zero cost, and they can be delivered almost instantaneously. Welcome to the economics of abundance.
Erik Brynjolfsson
Perfect, Almost, Quality

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