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Chris Burke Quotes

I have a motto on my bedroom wall: ‘Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal.’ Giving up is not my style. I just want to do something that’s worthwhile.
Chris Burke
Giving, Goal, Style

Having Down syndrome is like being born normal. I am just like you and you are just like me. We are all born in different ways, that is the way I can describe it. I have a normal life.
Chris Burke
Life, Born, Ways

It’s not our disabilities, it’s our abilities that count.
Chris Burke
Ability, Count

Being a son, brother, uncle and brother-in-law is all I care about.
Chris Burke
Care, Son, Brother

I could make a difference.
Chris Burke

I don’t like to be different; I would like to be the same.
Chris Burke

I don’t really have Down’s syndrome; I just have a slight case of it.
Chris Burke
Case, Syndrome, Slight

I’d like to be the role model to teach other people who have Down’s syndrome to be actors and actresses and to be themselves and not try to be a big shot.
Chris Burke
Themselves, Teach, Role

I want to do theater and I am looking forward to doing more Television and Movies. I also want to direct some plays in theater workshops for people with disabilities.
Chris Burke
Movies, Forward, Looking

Don’t give up on the child. Give the child an education. Give them daily love.
Chris Burke
Love, Education, Child

I just want to be like other people that are normal.
Chris Burke

I want to be a professional.
Chris Burke

I’m just like James Stewart, because I never studied to be an actor.
Chris Burke
Studied, James

I was like Gene Kelly, it was called singing in the rain. No seriously, I wasn’t really born with a singing voice, but my friends Joe and John taught me how to sing.
Chris Burke
Rain, Friends, Born

To have my fan club. I am very proud of doing everything. I try to support my parents, friends and fans. I am also proud of my performing in the visual arts, and motion television.
Chris Burke
Friends, Parents, Proud

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