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Chloe Bridges Quotes

My hair does get really frizzy, so I use a de-frizzing serum from Bumble and Bumble, and also Moroccan Oil is some really good stuff. Plus, I can’t live without my Burt’s Bees lip balm!
Chloe Bridges
Good, Stuff, Hair

I can do contortionist things; it’s really weird. But I can freak people out, which is great!
Chloe Bridges
Great, Weird, Freak

I was a super nerd in school.
Chloe Bridges
Nerd, Super

The best thing about working on a movie with dancers is that we would get to have dance parties all the time!
Chloe Bridges
Time, Best, Working

I have this prominent feature on my face – I don’t know if you’ve noticed – but, well, they’re my lips. They tend to walk into a room before I do because they’re larger than average! So Chapstick’s a big one for me.
Chloe Bridges
Face, Walk, Room

I never take storms as seriously as I should, which is probably not the way I should be handling it. I think it’s to do with growing up in New Orleans and having a hurricane, like, once a week.
Chloe Bridges
Once, Growing, Week

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