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Charles Farrar Browne Quotes

They drink with impunity, or anybody who invites them.
Charles Farrar Browne
Anybody, Drink, Impunity

Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?
Charles Farrar Browne
Reason, Thus

Let us all be happy, and live within our means, even if we have to borrow the money to do it with.
Charles Farrar Browne
Money, Happy, Means

I am not a politician, and my other habits air good.
Charles Farrar Browne
Good, Air, Politician

I have already given two cousins to the war and I stand ready to sacrifice my wife’s brother.
Charles Farrar Browne
War, Wife, Stand

I’m not a politician and my other habits are good.
Charles Farrar Browne
Good, Politician, Habits

My wife is one of the best wimin on this Continent, altho’ she isn’t always gentle as a lamb with mint sauce.
Charles Farrar Browne
Best, Wife, She

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