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Brooke Burns Quotes

I love being a single mom. But it’s definitely different when you’re dating.
Brooke Burns
Dating, Love, Mom

I have a big personality, and I think big personality plus blond hair makes me come across as glib. With dark hair, people look at your face more. Before, it was all about the hair.
Brooke Burns
Makes, Face, Dark

OMG, I am a married woman!
Brooke Burns
Woman, Married

At night if I’m in a hurry, I’ll just put on a lot of mascara and black pencil all the way around the inner rim. It’s a totally sexy eye in a minute and a half.
Brooke Burns
Night, Black, Sexy

I’ve been a swimmer and a diver for quite a while. It was something that I think I got too comfortable with, and I dove into my black-bottomed pool and hit the slope from the shallow end to the deep end. And I had a chin to chest paralyzing break.
Brooke Burns
End, While, Deep

I am so happy, so in love, and so content.
Brooke Burns
Love, Happy, Content

I broke my neck, it’s a classic neck break from chin to chest. If I had been alone, I would probably be dead.
Brooke Burns
Alone, Dead, Break

I like when they open the door and pull out a chair. I’m really into a man’s man.
Brooke Burns
Door, Open, Pull

I would borrow my mom’s red Borghese lipstick and smear it on like a clown!
Brooke Burns
Mom, Red, Clown

I’m a Southern girl.
Brooke Burns
Girl, Southern

I’m a Southern girl. I like when they open the door and pull out a chair. I’m really into a man’s man.
Brooke Burns
Girl, Door, Open

My natural color is dark blond, but right now I like being a brunette. I did a movie last summer and they dyed my hair platinum – I hated it.
Brooke Burns
Last, Dark, Movie

To help my muscles rebuild after I work out, I have a small serving of cottage cheese.
Brooke Burns
Work, Help, Small

I actually had kind of one of those crazy experiences where when I hit, it was black out excruciating pain, and then white out absence of pain, and the subconscience thought that I want to go back.
Brooke Burns
Crazy, Pain, Black

I swim all the time at night – I’ve always been a water girl. It’s a black-bottom pool and my pool light was out, and as I’ve done a thousand times I just kind of did a little seal dive. I saw a huge bright light and I literally thought, ‘That’s it.’
Brooke Burns
Time, Girl, Times

I want to help others ‘think first’ before diving into a pool or lake to prevent these types of life-changing accidents. I know I’m in a very fortunate minority and hope my story inspires both adults and children to be more careful.
Brooke Burns
Hope, Children, Others

There are still personalities that you bond with or a fighting spirit that you connect with, but as a host you have to stay impartial and root for all of them.
Brooke Burns
Spirit, Fighting, Stay

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