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Brianna Brown Quotes

I did a little modeling in Minnesota, but because I was a heavier ‘model,’ I didn’t pursue it much when I lived there.
Brianna Brown
Lived, Model, Modeling

I don’t really know why I’m so busy, but I like it. Sometimes I think I need to slow down. And then I’m even busier!
Brianna Brown
Busy, Slow, Busier

I so miss musical theater. Secretly, I’m in awe of Broadway performers.
Brianna Brown
Miss, Theater, Musical

I definitely suffered from stage fright. I had to work really hard to come out of my shell. When I was little, I was very loud and loved performing in front of people. I was fearless. When I hit puberty, I became very shy and self-conscious.
Brianna Brown
Work, Loved, Stage

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