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Alex Breckenridge Quotes

Any time a new horror film comes out that looks appealing, I’m always excited to go see it.
Alex Breckenridge
Time, Film, Looks

I get hit on so much it’s not normal. I didn’t realize so many men liked redheads.
Alex Breckenridge
Men, Realize, Normal

I’m always looking for a chance to play somebody who’s completely opposite of me, just because I find it more interesting.
Alex Breckenridge
Looking, Somebody, Chance

I don’t watch things like ‘Jeepers Creepers’ or ‘Final Destination 53.’ I really like more of the psychological thrillers, like ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ ‘The Shining’ and ‘Don’t Look Now.’
Alex Breckenridge
Watch, Baby, Final

I love horror movies! I’ve loved horror movies since I was about eight years old, not that an 8-year-old should be watching ‘The Shining’, but I was allowed to for some reason.
Alex Breckenridge
Love, Movies, Old

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